Before you decide to take a loan at Daniels, you should know the pros and cons of borrowing in this company. As you know, there is no ideal lender. Based on our ratings and opinions expressed by customers, you can decide if this loan is just what you are looking for.

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An online loan is certainly beneficial if you take it for the first time. PLN 2,000 for free is a very specific amount that can quickly improve your home budget. Most of the competition usually offers a lot less money at the beginning.

The attractiveness of the Daniels offer is not limited to the first loan. When you come to the company for the second time, you can immediately count on a loan of the maximum amount – PLN 4,000. Daniels does not set any restrictions on this topic. This is a big advantage, especially since other lenders, such as Filarum or LendOn, pay this amount only in the fourth or fifth time. In addition, Daniels does not charge too much for subsequent loans. For other lenders, the same payday can be much more expensive. For example, a loan of PLN 600, drawn for 30 days at Daniels, will cost you PLN 115. There are companies in which you pay up to PLN 205 for the same amount of money. It’s worth comparing!

Advantages and disadvantages of loans in Daniels

Help us to complete this list! We collect opinions about Daniels and on their basis we complement the advantages and disadvantages of borrowing in this company. So please describe your experience with Daniels in the comments below. All customer reviews and stories are read and taken into account by us.

Advantages of a loan in Daniels

  • first loan up to PLN 2,000 free
  • low costs of further loans
  • on the second loan, you can immediately apply for the maximum loan amount (PLN 4,000)
  • applications are accepted 7 days a week, 24 hours a day
  • the loan can be repaid before the due date
  • low fees for non-payment of the loan on time

Loan defects in Daniels

  • high costs of extending the repayment date
  • a cash transfer can be made up to seven business days
  • accounts in only five banks
  • control of customer history in BIG
  • in the event of early repayment, the loan amount remains unchanged