Organizations that offer consumer credit mostly associate the loan with insurance. This is a form of guarantee that protects against accidents in life, unemployment or death. Lending institutions recommend that the borrower be insured but he can not under any circumstances impose his insurance. How to ensure consumer credit? How to choose the right insurance? Here are the answers of online comparator.

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  1. Choose your insurance
  2. Focus on the risks covered by the insurance of a consumer loan
  3. The health of the borrower
  4. Choose the best insurance thanks to the online comparator

Choose your insurance

It is highly recommended to make sure for each type of credit. That’s why lenders offer insurance for every loan. This insurance remains optional. If the borrower wishes to subscribe, he is free to choose his insurance but especially the body that will offer him. It can be an insurer, a bank or a credit institution.

Focus on the risks covered by the insurance of a consumer loan

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There are different types of creditor insurance. Each offer covers one or more risks of life. Among these insurances, there are:

  • The death insurance which assures the assumption of the refunds in the event of death of the borrower,
  • Disability insurance that supports the credit if the borrower is unable to work for health reasons,
  • The loss of autonomy insurance which ensures the repayment of the credit in case of partial or total loss of autonomy,
  • The disability insurance that works like the loss of autonomy insurance,
  • The job loss insurance which can according to the contracts postpone the deadlines or to take care of a part of them.

Good to know: It is not uncommon for death and disability insurance to be combined in a single offer.

The health of the borrower

Since 2006, measures have been put in place to allow patients to take out a loan. Indeed, the disease is considered an aggravated risk and can scare off the lenders. Thanks to the AERAS (Insuring and Borrowing with an Enhanced Health Risk) agreement, patients can borrow up to € 17,000 (ceiling for the accumulation of authorized debt) over a maximum period of 4 years and without a medical questionnaire. The borrower must be under 50 years old.

If the borrower does not fulfill the conditions set up by the AERAS agreement, he must submit to a medical questionnaire which will determine the amount of the loan and its duration.
As part of the health law, since 2015 former cancer patients have the right to be forgotten. Under certain conditions, they are entitled not to declare or even to mention their illness.

Choose the best insurance thanks to the online comparator


To be sure and enjoy the best rates, you can count on the online comparator. This allows you to compare the offers of banks as insurers to ensure your consumer loan and choose the most advantageous formula.